ALT Visits Dorney Park for the Opening of Snake Pit!

On Friday May 30th, All American Thrills was invited to Media Day at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom for the opening of Snake Pit! We were also treated to early access to the waterslides and water park that morning. What began as a chilly, cloudy morning quickly turned into a sunny 80 degree day, perfect for a water park! Snake Pit is a waterslide complex consisting of three different slides.  With 6 slides total, it’s bound to provide a new and exciting experience for everyone in your group! We were welcomed into the park, and escorted directly to Snake Pit. Dorney Park’s Vice President and General Manager, Mike Fehnel, addressed the group and welcomed all the members of the media before officially opening the attraction.


The Snake pit consists of three Body Slides called Python Plummet, and three Tube Slides named Constrictor and (twin) Boa Blasters.


The tube slides are quite fun and have a great visual effect with different colored fiberglass sections. They also feature a steep final drop that sends riders skipping across the splash down pool.


The body slides, on the other hand, are very interesting to ride. They have high speed twists and turns; you never really know which way you are going until the end of the ride.


The scariest, and most unique feature, of these slides is the drop. You are placed in an enclosed cylinder. Then- a countdown- “3-2-1″, the trapdoor flies open and you plunge almost straight down.


You twist and turn through the snake’s “body” until you exit the tube for a climatic ending with a big splash.


We were able to interview several riders after they climbed out of the slides,  and each said that the scariest part was the initial “3-2-1-drop” on the body slides. The fear of the unknown- not knowing what was next in the darker slides was also a top comment among riders.

Snake Pit is the crowning jewel on the newly revitalized Wild Water Kingdom. But there were many other new improvements!

Photo-Lockers 2

The locker rental area was completely updated with new pin pad style lockers. Now an entire family can use a locker for the day and not have to worry about who has the key. This is a great feature for the larger family when the kids want to slide and the parents want to relax.

Another great improvement to the waterpark was the new padded lounge chairs. I tried one, and they are extremely comfortable. I could easily see myself falling asleep while waiting for my party of friends to return from their water adventures.

Photo-Marketplace 2

There is also the new Marketplace to sit down and grab a bite. We were even treated to a Hawaiian Luau. This area will be a great shaded place to eat. I must commend the Dorney Park chef, because the roast pig served up was mouth-watering.



A “tip of my hat” to Mike for being a great sport and getting up to dance. I never saw a General Manager who was so much fun to be around, and for a lack of better term, “hamming it up” while dancing.


Overall, great improvements for Wildwater Kingdom, from the new attractions, new chairs, and lockers, it’s all top notch. You should be sure and plan a trip to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom to see for yourself!

Untll our next adventure, this is Walt, Kyle and Brandon signing out! As the Hawaiians would say, “Aloha!”