We LOVE seeing all the guests come to the web site on a daily basis.

But, did you know you are only getting half the EXPERIENCE?

If you register and become a registered member of ALT you get much more!

1) Access to ALTconnect.

Do you love talking to coaster friends on Facebook but hate seeing memes about stupid things other than coasters? If you said yes, ALTconnect is for you. Its free flowing conversations just like Facebook without all the mess of stuff you didn't want to see. ALTconnect is mobile friendly. Let others know what's going on in your home park. If you are truly PASSIONATE about your home park we may ask you to become an ALTambassador. Click here to learn more about becoming an ALTambassador.

2) ALTchat

You can talk live time with your coaster friends in group or private chat rooms. We allow you to pick and choose what groups you like to talk in. Also,don't be surprised to find a night or two when we have a special guest online to answer your questions.

3) ALTpolls

Vote for your favorite park, ride or any number of subjects. The polls are currently open to the public for a limited time. We will be making them for registered users very soon so we can get the most accurate results and be able to send them to parks to suggest ideas or upgrades in the future,

4) Access to ALTforums

If you prefer a traditional from of communication we offer the ALTforums and you would have full access to post there as well.

In short,we have a ton to offer by being a registered user.

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