Amusement parks can be quite chaotic at times. Here are some simple tricks to save time and money:


1) Download the app for your smart phone;  most major parks have an app,  and it often contains great info such as show times, places to eat, and ride status or wait times.

2) Get the cup! Everyone thinks those big souvenir cups are a waste of money. They aren't! Parks offer discounted or free refills on the first day, and continuing discounts all season long if you are a return visitor.

3) Pick a rendezvous location right away. So many families we see can’t find each other. This allows the older kids to venture out on their own, while the younger ones have supervised fun as well.

4) Purchase a meal plan or ticket(s). We see your comments that park food is expensive. We get it; it can be at times. Meal plans help cut that cost dramatically.

5) Get a Game Plan book. Kids love to play the games. Heck, I do too! Game Plan books offer multiple games for a discounted rate.

6) Get the little ones measured for a wristband when you enter. This lets you know right away what rides are appropriate for them. It also makes for less of a struggle if they may not ride a certain ride they thought they could.

7) Stay at on-site hotels if available. They often offer great benefits: park provided transportation, discounted ticketing, early entry, etc., and are well worth the cost. The ability to buy all those souvenirs and have them at your hotel room: priceless