Becoming an ALT Ambassador is a GREAT opportunity for a park enthusist to get your foot in the door and help to contrubute to ALT and add your own personal flair to the web site.

We do as the following guidlines for minimium expecatations.

Live with 50 miles of home park

Abide by The ALT Code of Conduct

Have to be season pass or membership to home park

Have access to video recording devices and a camera

Must be over 18 years old




The rewards for being an ALT Ambassador are the following



1) Create polls specific to their park.

2) Get to moderate forum and ALTconnect for their park.

3) You have ability to upload photos from home park onto ALTgallery.

4) You will be given the ability to create discussion on forum and connect for their selected park.

5) You will be given an ALT polo Shirt..

6) You may have opportunities to guest co host on ALT videos filmed in home park.

7) May have opportunities to represent ALT at media events.


If you are interested in becoming an ALT Ambassador please email us your information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.